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Canada Visa Application – Apply Online

This is just a five minute run down but it contains all you should know. 

Are you desperate in catching your trip to Canada? All you need is to do Canada visa application. Guess what? You don’t need to visit the immigration office to do that. Thus, today you can actually achieve what you want online. The point is, “do you have the right guide to get it? 

So, today we will look into showing you how to apply for Canadian visa online.  Hence, you have access to come into Canada and stay for a number of times. But, the unfortunate thing is that your visa gets to expire. Do you know what that means? Thus, you will either return to your country or reapply for renewal once it expires.

Above all, both for renewing your Canadian visa you need guidance if you are not familiar with it. So, let us guide you today on it. Besides, there is nothing to worry about if you new to Canada visa application. Thus, that is the more reason why you need to read up this article to be enlightened. You have come to the right place. 

This text is for both two specific kind of persons such as new applicants and those who want to renew.  What it takes is for you to pay full attention as we drive you on the journey of Canada visa application. 

To get Canadian visa, there are requirements you must meet for them to grant you a visa. WE will say, once you have met the requirements, then you have few steps forward to get your visa. But, you could be denied at times. 

Canada Visa Application 

To get started with Canada visa application, there are two things you should have in mind. That is, 

  • Firstly, you must have your documents  handy 
  • Secondly, you process your documents into softcopies by scanning them leaving none 
  • Again, for making payment you need to prepare a MasterCard for online payment. 

Once you have the above down then you will be looking at creating a web profile on the Canada Official website. 

Mind you, you can only apply for Canada visa online if you have met the required documents. You must wonder what these documents would be! Don’t worry we are coming to that. 

On the process, you will meet questions with option like; why are you coming to Canada? And here are the typical options to choose from 

  • To attend an end-of-life ceremony or funeral 
  • To be present during the final moments of life of a loved one
  • To provide care to a critically ill person
  • To join a vessel as a marine crew member
  • To assume a posting as a diplomat or to travel as an accompanying immediate family member of a diplomat arriving on posting who will also be accredited in Canada
  • To handle the affairs of a victim of Ukraine International airline flight PS752
  • None of the above 

See! You got to have a reason for applying for Canada visa. Looking at the above options, if your reason for applying for Canada visa is not there, then hit none of the above. You can now state your reasons clearly. 

Documents Required for Canada visa Application

  • A standard sized Passport
  • The Required Canada Visa Application Visa Form
  • payment Evidence over your Canada Visa Fee
  • A Proof of your financial capability 
  • Clearance certificate from the state police
  • A medical report certificate 
  • Cover letter describing your aim and interest in migrating to Canada
  • A support letter or a letter of invitation to Canada
  • An  identity and Civil status Documents
  • Lastly, a typical photograph matching Canada Visa requirements for a photograph

Once you have the above documents available then you can proceed to the vital part of the application. That is, making payment for the application. However, the fees for your application depend on the visa category you apply. Of course, there are several sort of Canada visa category. There are as follows:

  1. Canada Student Visa
  2. Canada Working Holiday Visa
  3. Temporary Residence Permit of Canada
  4. Courtesy Visa
  5. Canada Business Visa
  6. Visa to offer Birth in Canada
  7. Canada Tourist Visa
  8. Diplomatic and Official Visa
  9. Canada Super Visa
  10. Intending donor Visa
  11. Canada Facilitation Visa
  12. Canada Temporary Work Visa

Fee for Canada visa temporary visa

You are Likely to pay the sum of CAD$100 for an individual with a further Biometric fee of CAD$85 also per person.

Note: after you have submitted your application it may take 2-3 weeks for it to be processed. In addition, you need your biometric for further interviews at the embassy. 

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